• "Full Draw Restoration Services, & Kevin Blalock are a results-based company and very professional!!!" Princess - Homeowner, June 12, 2018

  • "The only company I call anymore to do all needed home repairs."  Analisa- Homeowner,  June 23, 2017

  • "Thanks to Kevin Blalock and his people. I now have my 2nd bathroom back in operating order!!"  Doug- Homeowner, July 3, 2017

  • "Dependable, honest...Seriously, quality work from roofs to bathrooms!! Thank you for all the work you have done!"  Charli - Homeowner September 12, 2017

  • "Extremely professional, nice, helpful and very thorough – and the follow up with the supervisor, inspected everything! Please extend my compliments to the crews; they left everything clean and tidy. Good job! I will recommend you to my friends, good to know that you are around."  Ben- Homeowner

  • "I am pleased to tell you that your work far out exceeded (is there such a word?) my expectations. In other words, the job was very well done. It was a clean up following a fire which, to me, is an extremely depressing undertaking. But Restoration personnel came into the picture and did the job with determination. The result was very satisfactory. Workers were on time daily. Everyone arrived at the job when they said they would…. management as well as workers. Full Draw Restoration  provides a service to people in their darkest of hours. Knowing they were on the job was a real lift of my spirit."  Kathleen- Homeowner

  • "Your customer service has been top notch!  Each and everyone of your employees assigned to this job performed their duties well.  They called with an arrival time, showed within the time stated and were able to answer any questions that we had.  Thank you!  We’ve often said that ‘customer service’ does not exist anymore, but you’ve proven us wrong!” Frank- Homeowner

  • "Kevin, Thank you for all you did to help us. I appreciate your friendship. We wish you and your family the best. Thank you again!" Pat- Homeowner